The Farmers Market in Store

The farmers we deal with have been around for generations. Certified Organic growers of the produce that we source, stock and sell, these fine people are the reason your diet is a good one! Farming royalty of Organic fruit and vegetables, Organic Beef, Organic Lamb, Organic Pork, Pasture Raised and Regeneratively Farmed Chicken (West Australian), Organic Eggs, Organic Milk, Organic Honey and so much more, these wonderful humans have your best food interests at heart. We are lucky enough to have forged solid, honest relations with our WA Farmers. Honest dudes (and dudettes!) The farmers who make it possible for us to have a ‘farmers’ market’ in store, every day. Real Farmers growing Real Food. For You.


Providing you with the highest quality

In our store we stock in-season Certified Organic fresh fruit and veg so that you can shop for a complete meal. Imagine that! A whole-foods, whole meal. Nutrient dense and filled with goodness. From Farm to Table quite literally.

Along with Certified Organic Eggs, Regeneratively Farmed Eggs and real Free-Range Eggs, the savvy shopper will find fresh Certified Organic Milk, Organic Cheeses and wholefood pantry items. Oh and we have Spices, Dry Rubs & Broth for soup too.

Wondering what’s best for a BBQ, but you’re sick of ‘those’ sausages?? A good Paella on your mind but you don’t have the right rice? Or maybe you need prawns (WA Exmouth) with the Paella? Steak, Egg, Chips? We have you covered. Good Food Shopping.

Our Vision​

There’s a place in LA and it’s a food lovers paradise. A cacophonous treasure trove of foodie type stuff. It’s packed with all kinds of things that are food related. Picnic things, sandwich things, dinner things. Everything food. It’s called Joan’s on 3rd. There’s also a place in Thailand, Chiang Mai to be precise. It’s an outdoor night market that sets up right in front of a five-star hotel. Genius idea really. There’s another place that we love and that’s our kitchen. Inevitably, after every eating holiday we’ve had, we’ve come home and tried to re-create yumminess from other countries in our kitchen. Our Vision is to bring the funkiness of LA, the urban Asian food market with all of its smells and inspiration and our (sometimes messy) kitchen to you. We hope you love visiting as much as we love having you visit us!

Our Mission​

We’re bringing the farmer to you- every day, because weekends are for you and precious family time and we get it because as a family-owned small business, we value family too. Which is why we’ve sourced the best Organic (Certified) produce we can find, making sure that our local Organic farmers are first in line, and we’re bringing it to you every day. In season Certified Organic produce. We’re on a mission to make organic, locally-sourced produce accessible to everyone at an affordable cost. Because good food should definitely not cost the earth.

Grown With Love On Their Farms​

Meet Tracey, Ishmael and Ewen. Organic Farmers Extraordinaire.

​Meet The Farmers



Of course that’s not Tracey. But this is a real farmer. Just like Tracey. Organic Beef and Organic Lamb. Bellisimo.​



Meet Ishmael. Ok so that’s not really Ishmael, but Ish is much more handsomer- FACT. Ish’s eggs are next level Organic Certified. From Bridgetown,



Meet Ewen. Not really, yep you guessed it this is a fake Ewen but his chooks are the best. Not convinced? You will have to take our word for it. Pasture raised, regeneratively farmed in Boyanup