Paddock + Farm Butchery and Bistro

Covid 19

Here’s what we’re doing and what we’re not doing:-

1. Social Distancing – We’re not hugging you or shaking hands. The new buzz words are ‘Social Distancing’. Until this pandemic is over, we are practicing Social Distancing.

2. Hygiene and Us and You:– BYO Containers. If you are comfortable bringing your own containers in for produce, please do so. We trust that you will practice safe hygiene yourselves. As for us – we are washing our hands with due diligence, singing the birthday ditty ( to ourselves!) twice each time we wash. We also trust that you will self isolate in the event of a COVID-19 diagnosis or premise of the same.

3. Shopping – We are still continuing to trade as normal for walk in shoppers who are mindful of Social Distancing etiquette. Currently our hours during the week are spread out from 10am until 7pm, negating a ‘bottleneck’ effect should we reduce shopping hours if the COVID19 pandemic effects our trade negatively. Our online shopping platform also allows you to order from our online store. We are adding to the items that can be ordered online. If you do not see an item or items displayed you may continue to ‘phone through an order or Text an order through. We shall process, collate and contact you for collection, where you may either collect in store or stay safe in your vehicle (as long as it’s in our car park) where we can deliver your shopping to you and you may PayWave from your car window.

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