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Taking food back to the way it used to be – we pride ourself on offering only the best quality free range, organic, additive free produce that WA has to offer.

The Kitchen

At Paddock + Farm, the bistro menu is seasonal, and is changed regularly by the resident chef. With access to house made charcuterie and prime produce, menu items are guaranteed to be delicious! This winter, diners will have the opportunity to sample Masterchef 2017 contestant Benjamin Bullocks cooking as he cooks up a storm alongside Chef James Manson (Beaufort St Merchant, Lamonts to name a couple) in the kitchen. Get ready Perth, this lawyer turned chef wannabe is compressing watermelon, whipping foam, and doing some pretty cool stuff. Come in and have a chat with him over breakfast, or lunch and get the Masterchef goss.  He’s a friendly enough fellow and loves taking a photo or two. Ladies beware, he’s a bit of a charmer, but then he is lawyer as well. Perhaps you will forgive him for that- after you’ve tasted his food!


Nothing but Quality

A real Butcher

Butcher Tyron loves a good smoke. He smokes almost anything, from tomatoes and  seasonal veg to bones for broth, a good slow smoke is Tyron’s thing. All small goods cured, smoked and made in small batches on site.  Paleo compliant (where possible) and preservative free without compromising on flavour, house made Hams, Bacon, Prosciutto, Wagyu, Emu or Roo Biltong,  Chilli Kranskys, Chorizo, Pate, Rillettes and Terrines feature on the Bistro menu.  Dine in or take some away for breakfast, lunch or dinner, or a snack.


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SAT: 7:30AM-5PM