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Butchery + Bistro

1008 Beaufort St, Bedford

Come by for something special


Paddock + Farm, butchery and bistro is an old fashioned, artisan butchery where the emphasis is on service and local WA produce. Butcher and owner Tyron Haddock makes all his small batch charcuterie in house without additives and from free range and organic produce.


Offering a locally sourced, seasonal menu highlighting and showcasing premium West Australian produce, dining at the bistro is a real foodie experience where you could catch the butcher at work breaking down a side of Organic Beef, or Organic Lamb or linking freshly made sausages. It’s not every day that you would smell a side of smoked bacon, or kransky – fresh out the smoke oven, before you see it!  A true paddock to plate experience, where your meat is butchered on site, cooked by the resident chef and then brought to your table, Bon Appetit!

Dinner Events

Every fortnight, on a Saturday eve, this unique retail space that is part butchery part bistro is transformed into your private dining room. Bring your own booze (wine, beer, champagne only), and come and experience what the rest of Perth is talking about. Reserve your seat at the  ‘Butchers Table’ if you are a group, or book for an intimate dinner for two. Bookings are essential. Events are promoted via Facebook. Give Paddock + Farm a ‘Like’ for event information to appear on your face book feed.


Organic and Ethical

Eat healthy, stay healthy from the inside out. Confused about Organic and Free Range meat and poultry? Do you know what you are eating? At paddock + farm our Organic produce is certified organic. That’s how you know it’s the real thing. Free Range Chickens mean that the chooks roam about freely- yes it’s true because they’re Mt Barker Chickens. Our Organic Chickens are Free Range too.


Small goods

Butcher Tyron loves a good smoke. He smokes almost anything, from tomatoes and  seasonal veg to bones for broth, a good slow smoke is Tyron’s thing. All small goods cured, smoked and made in small batches on site.  Paleo compliant (where possible) and preservative free without compromising on flavour, house made Hams, Bacon, Prosciutto, Wagyu, Emu or Roo Biltong,  Chilli Kranskys, Chorizo, Pate, Rillettes and Terrines feature on the Bistro menu.  Dine in or take some away for breakfast, lunch or dinner, or a snack.

About Us

Come in and see us to get a full view of everything we have to offer a steak lover or a conscientious foodie.

We are open:


SAT: 7:30AM-5PM